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January 26, 2013

Tory Burch Caroline Flats

They’re here! Fit them at the store and was happy so I ordered them from the US site and shipped them through comgateway along with some other stuff I’ve ordered online. It ended up being just a little bit cheaper still saved a bit. i just checked my credit card statement to see how much I got charged in SGD. Turns out it was a total of 339.22 sgd. The boutique here sells it for 475 so I saved 135.78 sgd! So yes, I saved quite a bit! Extra happy!

January 14, 2013

Prost pregnancy acne

I hadn’t written here in a while. My last post mentions my post pregnancy acne issues. I had been dealing with it the past four months. I went to see a dermatologist and she said that as I was breast feeding, she couldn’t give am any antibiotics. She gave me some topical medication that really didn’t do anything. Finally, I got fed up with the itch and how it looked, so I went ahead and tried proactive. I have used it before and all I could remember was how much it stung. I only used it for a bit the last time since I didn’t really have any big issues, save for the occasional premenstrual zit. This time was different, it was all over my face and always got worse in the heat too. When I first got back on proactiv, I did the 2 times away routine but found it was too strong for me initially. It stung so much that I thought I would faint. What motivates me was the idea that the stinging was the bacteria clutching my skin in pain (made for entertaining visuals). That and the sting actually overcame the itchiness. It removed all temptation to scratch and pick at my face. So I cut down to first every other day, them after 2 times, I did every morning and now I’m back at morning and evening. It no longer stings for me, I guess the skin gets used to it? (Or the bacteria have all died and nothing’s clawing at my skin anymore ;)) I have to say it’s amazing, I can see my face has cleared up and except for the scars, it no longer looks as horrible as it did last week! I’m so happy, I’m hoping by the times switch jobs by face would have completely cleared up. It really was frustrating for me to have my acne be the first thing people noticed. I really hope it keeps going the right way but at this state I’m already very happy and it’s only been a week!

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