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April 12, 2011

the spectrum shop: review

I was googling for where to buy NYX cosmetics in Singapore because I’ve seen a lot of videos on youtube where they use the jumbo eye pencil as a base and it looked like the colors come out really well. I found the spectrum shop and decided to try it out.

This is going to be an as-it-happens as I have still yet to receive my order. I ordered some NYX jumbo pencils from this site i stumbled on This is just a log of my activities for reference to see how long the items take to ship.

April 8, 2011 – Ordered online

April 10, 2011 – Payment made (didn’t pay right away because it was a weekday and I had the items delivered to my office) & sent in payment notification form

April 11, 2011 – Got email from spectrum shop with my tracking number.

April 12, 2011 – this is the status from singpost

Status Date
Status Description

Item accepted at post office

Item dispatched to registered mail section

2011-04-12 14h34_11

Package received. Though singpost still shows the same status. Ah well, at least it’s here ^_^

Naturally, when the packaged arrived and I felt more comfortable shopping at the store, I went online wednesday night again and bought more stuff and paid right away.

13-4-2011 evening – bought, paid and sent in payment notification form

14-4-2011 – received notification that payment was received and order was being processed

14-4-2011 evening – I get a tracking number for my package

15-4-2011 noon package received

So I guess I’m very satisfied with the speed they deliver. ^_^

April 6, 2011

welcome to my blog

I decided to start a new blog focused on my sudden obsession with makeup. I probably should have started earlier, it would have been fun to see how my collection grew (or should i say exploded) in a matter of weeks.

I’ll be doing some proper posts soon, it’s just that every time i come home from work, i always would rather experiment on a new look than sit in front of my computer, which is odd because I used to spend all my extra time in front of a PC. I’m not sure where this sudden obsession sprouted from. Just one day i started pouring through youtube for makeup guru videos and started building up my collection. Pretty soon, I was also looking for makeup organization tutorials to keep my stuff organized.

I’m guessing the vanity that came with the new place we moved to may have had something to do with it. It was too small to be a computer desk, so i guess i had to find a use for it.

I’ll probably do a post on what I’ve done/have so far but what’s currently on my mind is finding the right mirror, lights (or combination of both) for me. I’ve seen a lot of youtubers go for the conair makeup mirror but unfortunately it’s not available here in Singapore. I am almost ordering them and having them shipped here but i think i may have to buy a transformer for it since US is of different voltage. I’ll try to go around some stores to see if they have any.

One thing I’ve discovered through this whole adventure so far is that google doesn’t have the answer to everything.

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